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President's Award
The President’s Award recognizes an individual who has made a significant contribution to the print distribution industry. At the 2016 CEO Summit, Walt Smith was awarded the 2016 President's Award.

2016 President's Award Recipient









Walt Smith
DataSource, Inc.


Past President's Award Recipients

2015: Tressa McLaughlin
2014: Bob Ohr
2013: Bill Prettyman
2012: George Crump
2011: Mike Fisher
2010: Dave Wandling
2009: Bob O’Connell
2008: Bill English, CFC
2007: Roy Flesh
2006: Gail O'Roke, CDC
2005: Mark Trumper
2004: Michael O’Hara, Ph.D
2003: Ross E. Barker
2002: Nora Shellhase
2001: Roger P. Jefferson
2000: John M. Loftis
1999: Cliff Shellhase
1998: Colin P. Davies

1997: Stan Ritter, CFC
1996: H. G. "Hank" Visio, CFC
1995: Harvey R. Morgan, CFC
1994: David V. Wise, CFC
1993: James R. Griffith, CDC
1992: Charles M. Reese, CFC
1991: Donald R. Calman, CFC
1990: Irv Michlin
1989: Charlie Miller, CFC
1988: Francis H. "Frank" Blades, CFC
1987: R. Jay Ohlund, CFC
1986: Margurete Fitzsimons, CFC
1985: Mark Weinzimmer, CFC, and John P. Schied, CFC
1984: Edward C. Raleigh
1983: Warren M. Fabel, CFC
1982: Meredith R. Smith, Jr., CAE