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Increase Sales through Marketing Webinar Series
View recordings of the webinars in this series below:


Session 1: The Growth Mindset
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How you think is how you market, and you cannot outmarket your mindset. This replay covers how PSDA members can think bigger so you can market more powerfully and increase sales dramatically.


Session 2: The Power of Customer Insights
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One of the most important activities you can engage in to grow your company is to gather qualitative insights from your customers. This webinar will cover how and why to do so and arm you with techniques and questions to ask that will lead to your most powerful and effective marketing messages and activities.


Session 3: How to Add Customers Through Powerful Marketing

This webinar will cover a collection of powerful tools, tips and techniques to grow your business through effective, affordable marketing. Best part: the effort costs nearly nothing - except for some effort and attention.



Session 4: Increasing Revenue with Existing Customers
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Many PSDA members have a lot of customers that generate a small amount of revenue.  This webinar will help you assess your customer base, what you offer them, how you charge for that value, and the opportunities that exist for mining your existing customers for additional sales.  Additionally, we will look at fees in order to determine whether and how to charge for the value-added work that you perform regularly in support of your customers where we can increase prices without increasing your labor.



Session 5: How to Market & Sell to Executives
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The best relationships and biggest deals come from executive relationships.  This is, between owners, GMs, VPs and their corresponding peers on the client side.  This webinar will teach you how to go about establishing, building and nurturning these relationships, as well as turning them into high-revenue projects.



Session 6: Creating and Nurturing Customer Evangelists
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The customer evangelist is the best kind of customer: supportive, forgiving, trusting and intensely communicative. In this webinar, we’ll discuss what makes the customer evangelist hugely profitable, how to develop them, and how to assess your own customer base to identify existing evangelists, and those that are right on the cusp.



1/30/2017 » 2/1/2017
2017 CEO Summit

3/4/2017 » 3/5/2017
Emerging Distributor Summit

6/1/2017 » 6/2/2017
Young Innovators Conference