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PEAK Award - Insider Tips

PEAK Awards: Insider Tips

4 Tips To Increase Your Chances of Winning

  • Get detailed, and add context.
Write more than just a few sentences. Put the project in context, and don't assume the judges will immediately realize the project's value.
  • Include samples or screenshots.
It's easier for judges to actually see the entry rather than try to visualize it.
  • Take the customer's viewpoint.
Discuss why the piece mattered to your client. Include results if possible. 
  • Don't ignore challenges.
Take the Challenge > Solution > Result approach, treating your entry like a short case study.

3/4/2017 » 3/5/2017
Emerging Distributor Summit

6/1/2017 » 6/2/2017
Young Innovators Conference

3/5/2018 » 3/7/2018
2018 CEO Summit