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Position Benchmark Report

Hiring a new employee?

In an effort to help you improve your capabilities in recruiting strong candidates, PSDA has developed a series of position benchmarks and candidate personality tests for three important positions: Senior-level Business Development, Junior-Level Sales and Customer Service Representative.

Interested in improving your process?

The PSDA candidate assessment test and corresponding industry benchmark, available for $385 per candidate assessed, is intended to give you the precise benchmarks for hiring in our industry and, importantly, a behavioral assessment to use with candidates for employment in your company. By testing and comparing your finalists to the PSDA position benchmark before you hire, you will have an excellent set of additional data points from which to determine whether they are the right "fit”and you will likely avoid the costly mistake of making the wrong hire.

By using the TriMetrix HD Candidate Assessment and comparing the results to the PSDA Position Benchmark, you can expect to reduce turnover and increase profitability by making the right hire.

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How was the benchmark developed?

Each benchmark was developed by professional recruiters and HR professionals with in-depth knowledge of this industry. Combined with input from successful sales, management and customer service professionals, their expert insights have been organized to help you assess your top candidates.

The tests are easily administered to candidates through a password-protected link, and the reports outlined below are generated quickly for your review.

What you will get with your $385 purchase:

- A Candidate TriMetrix HD Assessment: View

The Candidate TriMetrix HD Assessment tests your candidate when hiring or promoting Sales or Customer Service employees

Based on a unique 55-factor analysis, the TriMetrix HD assessment – a test that you can easily give your candidate through an online link and password – helps to discover superior talent, improve communication, reduce turnover and increase overall productivity. The assessment includes:

• A DISC-based behavioral assessment that describes how an individual will perform

• A Spranger-based Motivator assessment that illuminates what motivates an individual's behavior

• A Hartman-based Acumen Capacity Index that explores both how a person's judgment impacts his or her interactions with the external world, and his or her own self-perception

• A DNA-Based Skills Inventory that captures what this individual "has done” in 25 research-based competencies that relate to the business environment

- The PSDA Industry Position Benchmark: View

The PSDA Industry Position Benchmark describes the behaviors, motivators, values and skills necessary to be successful in the Business Development, Junior Sales and/or Customer Service positions

The benchmark includes:

• An overview of the position, including the key tasks and accountabilities

• A sample job posting for the position

• Sample interview questions

• A Benchmark Report describing the behaviors, motivators, values and competencies essential to professionals in the position

- A Candidate "Gap” Report: View

The Candidate "Gap" Report compares the candidate's individual TriMetrix HD Assessment results to the PSDA industry benchmark for the position

– Once the candidate takes the test, this report provides you with a full assessment of how s/he compares to the industry benchmark. The Gap Report compares:

• How the candidate's behaviors, motivators, skills and judgment compare to the industry benchmark

• What "gaps” exist and what areas need improvement

- A Summary of How to Interpret Your Candidate’s "Gap” Report: View

The Summary of How to Interpret Your Candidate's "Gap" Report provides an overview of how to interpret your candidate's "Gap" Report

This summary presents the "ideal” candidate and is written to assist the hiring manager with how to interpret the candidate's "gap,” specifically, how to interpret the report's:

• Behavioral hierarchy results

• Motivator hierarchy results

• Skills inventory results

• Acumen Capacity index results

The PSDA TriMetrix HD Assessment, Position Benchmarks, and Candidate "Gap” reports are validated, bias-free and fully integrated and meet Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) requirements, meaning these assessments are fully valid for the purpose of hiring and selection.

Need additional Candidate TriMetrix HD Assessments and Gap Reports for the same job posting? Purchase these additional products for $325.

How to purchase:

Ready to improve your hiring process? To purchase a PSDA Position Benchmark and Assessment, click the corresponding buttons below:



Need additional assistance?

Should you need additional assistance in interpreting your candidate’s reports, Affinity HR Group can provide a personal debrief for a fee.The PSDA TriMetrix HD Assessment and Industry Position Benchmark is administered by Affinity HR Group, LLC. If you have any questions, please contact Assessments@AffinityHRgroup.comor call Affinity HR Group at 877-660-6400877-660-6400 FREE.

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