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Upcoming Webinars

PSDA Webinar Series: Grow Your Business

Join PSDA for a four-part webinar series focusing on ways to "Grow Your Business." 

This series will be composed of four one-hour sessions, each focused on one of the major facets of the print industry. We have three of the four webinars open for registration, listed below:


Missed the first three webinars? Click here to access the webinar recordings.


Technology Hacks for Increased Profits and Productivity

Tuesday, December 13, 2016 
11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. (CDT)

In an ever-changing industry where customer buying habits have shifted and both distributors and resellers have to quickly adapt to changing technologies, innovative professionals struggle to stay on top of all of the newest technology. Social media, apps, websites, CRMs and more! How do you tie branding, sales, marketing, and customer retention together using simple technology tricks? In this high-energy webinar, technology strategist Crystal Washington will show even non-techies simple tricks and techniques for increasing efficiency and sales!

In this webinar learn how to:

  • Discover little-known tech secrets for strengthening lucrative professional and client relationships
  • Identify hacks for better marketing and business management
  • Uncover fresh "spy tricks" unknown to 99% of Internet users for gaining valuable client information and monitoring your non-PSDA competitors
  • Become an expert at task automation and outsourcing non-revenue generating busy-work 

Presenter: Crystal Washington, Marketing Technology Consultant, Author and Keynote Speaker

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