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Exhibitor Marketing Toolkit
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2011 Print Solutions Logo and Banner Ads

Thank you for your support in promoting the 2011 Print Solutions Conference and Expo. You can access the logos and banner ads below. When using these materials, please ensure that you are in compliance with our usage instructions listed below.

Print Solutions Conference & Expo Logos
JPG file type
GIF file type

Print Solutions Conference & Expo Banner Ads
570 x 95 banner advertisement
900 x 150 banner advertisement

Promotional Messaging to Send to Your Customers
Text version of the promotional message
HTML version of the promotional message: if you send this version, please make sure that you update the coding to include your company name and booth number prior to distribution. You can also add your company logo to the left hand navigation bar.

2011 Print Solutions Logo and Banner Ad Usage Instructions

Color Logo (Preferred)
The preferred use for the logo is to appear in color. Regardless of the format, the color scheme of the logo remains consistent:

  • CMYK: C-0, M-60, Y-94, K-0 (orange) and C-100, M-81, Y-43, K-39 (blue)
  • Pantone: PMS 158 (orange) and PMS 2767 (blue)

If necessary, the logo may be reversed out; however, this option is not preferable.

Logo Upload Guidelines

  • Please upload PSDA Print Solutions and hyperlink it to
  • Low-resolution JPG and GIF file logos are available upon request; PSDA must review and approve print pieces that include the conference logo
  • Contact Nathan Davis at with any questions

2011 Print Solutions Conference and Expo Logo and/or Banner Ad Usage Guidelines

  • DO NOT alter the logo in any way (e.g., the color of any logo element) or attempt to recreate any logo element.
  • DO NOT distort (stretch or condense) any components of logo element, horizontally or vertically, in order to fit a space. The logo may, however, be enlarged or reduced proportionately to fit a space.
  • DO NOT print the logo or banner ad on visually competitive backgrounds, such as plaid, waves, etc.
  • DO NOT crowd any logo element with graphics, rules (lines), boxes containing text, etc.
  • DO NOT attempt to reverse the signature out of a light-colored background.
  • DO NOT reproduce the logo with a screen of color when it is intended to be the primary signature of the organization.
  • DO NOT place any logo element on an angle.
  • The PSDA Print Solutions logo must not appear on any non-member material where the logo may portray such company as being a "member" of the association.

2011 PSDA Print Solutions Pre-Registered Attendee List Use

Please take note of the following list usage policies and restrictions:

  • All exhibitors will receive an Excel spreadsheet with mailing addresses for pre-registered attendees.
  • The list will be sent to all exhibitors approximately four (4) weeks prior to the event. (Week of Monday, April 18)
  • The list will be distributed via email, and will come from Laura Pabst.
  • The list is intended for one-time use only. Lists will be monitored for unauthorized usage.
  • Direct mailings are to be arranged at the exhibitor’s expense.
  • PSDA is not responsible for any fulfillment, shipping, mailing and/or handling costs incurred by exhibitors.
  • As the user of a PSDA mailing list, please be aware of the following:
    • The list is the exclusive and valuable property of PSDA.
    • The list user will not disclose, transfer, duplicate, reproduce, or retain in any form or manner whatsoever all or any portion of said mailing list(s), nor permit any third party, agent, employee, or contractor, their respective agents and employees to do so, regardless of the medium by which the list is provided.
    • The one-time use of the list(s) shall be limited exclusively for mailing purposes only.
    • The list user in no way acquires ownership or rights to further usage of the list(s) or the names and we reserve the right to refuse to provide the list to anyone at any time for any reason.
    • The list(s) have been and will be monitored to prevent improper and unauthorized use of the list(s) by a combination of methods of computer control, and/or planted and/or varied names and addresses. The list user consents and agrees to the use of any or all of such methods.
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