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Professional Development Course Offerings

Asking Your Way to Success In Sales
The very best and highest-paid salespeople in every field share certain qualities and characteristics. They learn that the great secret in selling, as well as in human relationships, is to ask questions and listen carefully to the answers. The more they listen, the more they learn about how they can structure their product or service offerings to help the client achieve his goals or satisfy his needs. In this course, you will learn some of the most important discoveries in human relations and one of the finest of all interpersonal skills in human communications.

Building A Winning Team
Building a Winning Team is a rare blend of humor, entertainment and content. John's focus is on the critical elements of Team Building and Motivation. Highlights include: Maximizing your team's diverse skills and personalities; Humor, motivation and mental toughness can be the key to any organization's long-term success; and Catching a second wind: How to cope with the challenges and pressures of career and personal relationships.

Building and Delivering Persuasive Presentations - Part 1
In today’s competitive sales environment, polished and persuasive presentation skills are essential for sales success. In this course, Terri Sjodin outlines important presentation skills, focusing on three major points: believing you can create a better presentation, creating a presentation worth listening to, and delivering persuasive rather than informative speeches. Sjodin covers first impressions, three-minute elevator speeches, audience retention, visual aids, and persuasive arguments to help unlock the keys to a successful presentation.

Building and Delivering Persuasive Presentations - Part 2
In today's competitive sales environment, polished and persuasive presentation skills are essential for sales success. In this course, Terri Sjodin describes the elements of an effective presentation, recounts her personal attempt to get her foot in the door, and discusses professional business dress.

Consultative Selling
The highest paid and most successful sales professionals are positioned in their customer accounts as friends, advisors and consultants. The practice of the consultative selling approach will help you move to the very top of your field. It is a valuable tool that is indispensable in dealing with complex sales in accounts where many factors are involved and competition is a key factor.

Creating the Ultimate Customer Experience - Parts 1 & 2
This incredible program puts you in the audience at a large conference as Scott presents his widely sought-after keynote presentation: Creating the Ultimate Customer Experience. Then, after each segment, Scott moves into a studio and speaks directly to you, giving you valuable lessons and exercises to improve your service and your life.

Dealing With Difficult People
In this age of partnerships, teams, and strategic alliances, you must be able to capitalize on disagreements and team diversity to produce winning results. You'll never win them all, but you can increase your influence batting average with the tough ten percent that now drive you crazy. Viewers will learn how to become problem-solvers instead of problem-evaders, and how to trade on-the-job polarization and revenge for bridge-building strategies that produce trust and results.

Leadership Styles
Leadership is a key factor in your success or failure. The style of leadership you use depends on factors like the maturity and personality of your subordinates or the type of decision under discussion. Learn the appropriate leadership styles for maximum results. You will learn: decision-making styles; leadership qualities; personality styles of your subordinates; and when to use different leadership approaches.

Personality Styles In Value Added Selling
Have you ever wondered why people act the way they do? In this course, we will discuss the four behavioral styles and how you can sell more effectively to each of them. You will also learn how to use your own behavioral style more effectively. Companies don't do business with companies, people do business with people. Therefore, the more we can learn about managing people, the more successful we will be in sales. As a result of this course, you will be able to: Understand your selling style better; See yourself as others see you; Make better and more lasting impressions based on the customer's perspective; and Manage your sales time and efforts more effectively and efficiently.

Service - Creating Moments of Magic
This course will show you how to deliver excellent service to outside customers and internal customers. The subjects covered include: The two types of customers; The purpose of a business; Moments of truth, misery, and magic; Five key relationship building skills; The danger of satisfied customers; Five expectations; and Complaining customers.

The Stairs of Customer Loyalty
The further up the stairs of customer loyalty you get, the more successful you become. The more money you make and the more pats on the back you get from your customers. Anybody in the business of getting and/or keeping customers will benefit from this program.

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