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Bev Burger

Bev Burger

I think it's a fair assessment to say that most bios are very "facts and figures" orientated…but I’d like to take a different approach…after reading my bio, if I haven’t made you smile (or, dare I say it, laugh) out loud at least once, the first time we meet, I will owe you a cup of coffee (or tea – I don’t discriminate) and you can tell me how I can improve upon it. So here goes...


3 things you should know about me professionally:

  1. I picked printing and graphics arts as my career (I know…weird, right?). I have always wondered how much further along I’d be in my printing career if I could start my bio with…I worked the 40” press when I was 15 in my dad’s shop. (So, naturally, I blame my parents for their poor career choices of pilot and travel agent.)
  2. I started my graphics career in a production role…so you all know what that means…just like you, I've been curled up in the fetal position in a corner at least one or twice in my career. (This also means that when I develop marketing campaigns or implementing a business strategy, I always keep production in mind...cause I have cut my fingers on many light tables...) 
  3. I worked at UPS for 3.5 years on the graveyard shift as a supervisor. (Being attacked by packages on December 20th was how I knew Christmas was coming.)

After that job, everything else in my professional life has been (relatively) easy. 


Now you're caught up on my professional life…here are 3 things you should know about me personally:

  1. I lived for part of my life in South Africa and another part sailing (a 1/3rd of the way) around the world. (The result of that child-hood?...A kooky way to look at the world and an accent that is highly confused.)
  2. Because of "House Of Cards" I secretly wish that Netflix had not been invented as it has ruined me for future television shows. 
  3. I took years of Zulu in school, but the only phrase that really stuck with me came from the one that was yelled to us by our crossing guard. (He had such a "subtle" way of telling us to hurry up).
And now the offer stands. If my bio didn't make you smile (or laugh) once...I owe you a warm beverage. 


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