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Listserv Restrictions
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  1. You cannot discuss actual prices for goods and services. You may discuss in general terms how prices are calculated, but do not quote actual prices.
  2. The list is not to be used as an advertising/promotional vehicle. If a request is made for a product your company manufactures, you may respond to the list. Unsolicited announcements about your company's products and services are inappropriate.
  3. Political or theological opinions are inappropriate for listserv discussion.
  4. No defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive or illegal materials may be posted. You cannot post any information or other material protected by copyright without the permission of the copyright owner.
  5. Graphics or other attachments are not permitted.
  6. Messages should not be posted if they encourage or facilitate members to arrive at any agreement that either expressly or by implication leads to price fixing, a boycott of another's business, or other conduct intended to illegally restrict free trade. Messages that encourage or facilitate an agreement about the following subjects are inappropriate: prices, discounts, or terms or conditions of sale, salaries, profits, profit margins, cost data, market shares, sales territories or markets, allocation of customers or territories, selection, rejection, or termination of customers or suppliers.
  7. Jokes or email forwards are strongly discouraged.
  8. The listserv is not a court and PSDA is not a police agency. The listserv should not be used to "blackball" or otherwise single out individuals or companies for criticism.
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