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Introducing the PSDA Sales Program, The Ultimate Sales Training Experience...

Click on the above image to watch Dan Seidman discuss his unique approach to sales training.

"Dan Seidman is one of the best presenters that I have ever heard. After attending his sales workshop at the 2013 Distributor Solutions Expo, I will be developing a relationship with him to help us in our business."
- Bob Workman, President, Spectrum Solutions

Join us for a full 2-day sales program where you'll train with the 2013 International Sales Training Leader of the Year, Dan Seidman of GOT INFLUENCE?. This program is customized specifically for sellers of print and related services. Learn tips and techniques that will make a lasting impact on your sales behavior so you can make more money. 



The Ultimate Sales Training Experience

Target Audience: Distributors (Principals, Sales Executives, Sales Managers, Sales Professionals - all levels)

Discover what World-Class Sales Professionals do to distinguish themselves from average performers. In this full 2-day program, you'll train with the 2013 International Sales Training Leader of the Year, Dan Seidman of GOT INFLUENCE?. This is not your ordinary training program; it is customized specifically with you in mind. Learn tips and techniques that will make a lasting impact on your sales behavior so you can make more money. BONUS! After attending this program, you will re-connect with Dan and receive 2 group teleconferences as a follow-up. This will allow you to share feedback and make sure you are applying the best practices.

The sales techniques covered in the program includes:

  1. The One Sales Test You're Guaranteed to Fail
    Great sales pros can answer and act on the following 3 questions; Who are you really competing with? What’s the #1 problem sales pros face? What is your responsibility on a call? The insights you’ll gain will surprise you and set up some learning moments for the rest of your training.
  2. Lead Generation Genius
    How well do you prospect? Find buyers in places and ways you never thought of, as you build a checklist to bring back to work in order to create plenty of business opportunities for your sales funnel.
  3. Qualifying (and Disqualifying) Prospects
    Don’t chase poor prospects! Great sellers have distinct strategies to identify perfect prospects and ignore the rest. Learn how to focus on people who are willing and able to give you money and stop wasting time with those who are not.
  4. One Great Opening is Worth 10,000 Closes
    If you don’t open well, you’ll never get close to the close. How well do you take charge of the sale, when you’re in front of the buyer? This is the hardest technique you will ever learn. It’s so powerful and so unique that adopting it in your regular selling practice will mean plenty of role play and less of the buyer's hated comment, "I’ll think it over..." This might be worth the whole two day investment, all by itself.
  5. Ultimate Objection-Handling Tool
    Objection-handling is the biggest choke point in the sales process. In this session we’ll identify your top objections and create up to a dozen or more potent responses to buyer resistance. Eliminate the #2 problem sales pros face, with the #1 requested training element that Dan teaches, worldwide!
  6. Questioning Skills & Listening
    Great sales pros are defined by their ability to ask outstanding questions. Here you’ll learn reasons, rules & categories of questions. Walk away with your 5 Power Questions that you’ll want answered to close more sales.
  7. Daily Performance Tips
    What do you do to get more out of your day? In this highly interactive wrap-up to your training experience, we will draw off the collective brainpower of everyone in the room. Discover tips and techniques to better control email, managing your energy vs. time (new research!), using checklists, how to eat lunch, blocking out your day, what to do about Fridays (especially in the summer), finding 60 more minutes each day, eliminating excuses and much, much more!

The focus of your two-day investment in The Ultimate Sales Training Experience is to help you change behaviors in order to increase your income.  This training is highly interactive and will involve role play, exercises, and much more.  Impress your employer and use our template to send them a letter justifying why you need this training.

In order to increase the effectiveness of this experience, seats are limited. Do not wait to decide. Register today.

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