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PSDA Supplier Referral Service FAQ

Q: Does my company need to be a PSDA member to use the service?
Yes, the Supplier Referral Service is exclusively for member use and considered a major benefit of PSDA membership. To take advantage of the Service, join (or rejoin!) PSDA now.


Q: Can I submit my supplier referral request by phone/voicemail?
No, telephone queries are NOT accepted, in large part to ensure accuracy and timeliness in fulfillment. Use of the self-service options, especially the Supplier Referral Forum, is strongly encouraged to further build the knowledge base within the PSDA member community and facilitate professional connections. Your peers often can help you find ideal business partners easier and faster than PSDA staff!


Q: My need is complex and/or unique. Should I still use the self-service options instead of emailing

A: YES! The more complex or unique your product or service is, the more likely PSDA's supplier recommendations will be unable to meet your specific needs. By using the Supplier Referral Forum, you can provide very detailed specifications and now that only those manufacturers and suppliers that can do the work will reply to you. 


Q: Is the only email address to which I can send my query?
Yes. Please do not send messages to any old or legacy email addresses (such as or, as those are being phased out. Also, do not email PSDA directly via or submit a message via the “Contact Us” form on the PSDA website. Doing so will only delay the response to your query.

Q: What best practices does PSDA recommend to make the most of the Supplier Referral Forum?
Distributors: Be as specific as possible about what you need, and provide your complete contact information so qualified manufacturers and suppliers can contact you. Also, if you have a desired quantity or time frame for completion, say so! And, if you're seeking a supplier in a specific geographic area, or you need a “union shop,” share that information, too!

Example not to follow: “I need ticket suppliers.”
Much better example: “I'm looking for a supplier that can produce sporting event tickets, with sequential numbering and barcodes and some security elements such as holograms or watermarks. West Coast manufacturers are preferred, but I welcome responses from any qualified suppliers. The estimated quantity is 100,000, with my client needing the tickets delivered within the next 4 weeks. Thank you in advance for your feedback and recommendations. Contact me directly via email or phone – my information is provided below.”

Manufacturers: Make sure that you are signed up to monitor the Supplier Referral Forum every day to build your business. Jobs are there for the taking! Also, make sure your company's information is up-to-date to ensure distributors using the Online Supplier Directory can find you. You also can purchase upgrades to maximize your visibility!


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